Professional Drapery & Curtain Cleaning Service In Ha Noi


Professional Drapery & Curtain Cleaning Service

Curtains, curtains after a period of use will be dirt, dust and stains, thereby degrading aesthetics in your home base. Cleaning the curtains, curtains seemed simple, but it's more complicated than you think. Laundry service pack curtains of our company will help you do that.

For each type of blinds are made from different materials, it requires methods and various specialized chemicals. As an industrial cleaning company for years, we have the experience and methods of cleaning, hygiene and curtains, drapes under the optimum process. Gives customers a sense of satisfaction when using our services.

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To meet the laundry service curtains, drapes, our company has a team of workers, technicians, skilled professional in the field of interior fabrics hygiene such as curtains, floor mats, sofas, mattresses ... .. Team our technicians are in high positions in business and mobility behavior. We always prioritize the customer's time on top, all the products to the customer as quickly must save time and effort and quality assurance to customers.

Through years of experience accumulated in this field, we are pleased to offer cleaning processes curtains, washing curtains as follows:

  • · Review the material for curtains, drapes. Evaluate the types of stains, stains on the curtains

  • · Selection of chemicals suitable for cleaning blinds. The chemical companies are imported using 100% environmentally friendly and safe for humans.

  • · Vacuum the surface curtains.

  • · Chemical preparation in a spray bottle, who dedicated appropriate. 

  • · Aerosol sprays are used on the surface of curtains. · Use a specialized surface carded curtains. · Use a vacuum cleaner sucking everything on the surface of the curtain.

  • · Using dedicated drying machine drying curtains, returned colors, new shapes, such as curtains. 

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You want to have one set of clean and fragrant display? You do not have time for cleaning curtains, drapes. Please refer industrial laundry services of our company - THE ONE VIET NAM to save time and money offline.

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