Rental of industrial washing machines, laundry facilities in Hanoi


Laundry service is one of the risk money on a abroad but it is a new in Vietnam curently. There are many people who want to invest industrial laundry service, but this is just the idea because to perform this service required a huge capital. If borrowing from banks to deploy it took a long time that borrow from lengthy procedures difficult.

Come to The One Vietnam all your problems will be solved,able to satisfy business enthusiast but also not lost too much capital. The One Vietnam - A prestigious address washer and laundry equipment rental.

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The benefits of reantal laundry washer equipment at The One Vietnam

You will save a lot of capital than buying new laundry equipment.

When rental and industrial laundry equipment, you will reduce the huge amounts of money spent initial capital, the money could be used to expand the business base.

When renting industrial laundry facilities of The One Vietnam, you will catch up the advanced technology of modern laundry, meet all the needs of the customer laundry.

When renting industrial laundry equipment of The One Vietnam, you absolutely assured about the quality of equipment, long-term use without experiencing any problems occur. We guarantee to provide maintenance services at regular intervals for the equipment you use.

Rental period: at least 24 months

Have a team of highly experienced technical, repair and maintenance for long time use

Machines are available

Support 24 / 24h including holidays

These services provider  by The One Vietnam

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The One Viet Nam rent of industrial laundry equipment for many different types of customers, such as motels, hotels, hospitals, schools, factories, resorts, spas ... We get a lot of response the quality of service in Vietnam offers from customers.

To better understand the business model, laundry service, you can watch videos, laundry equipment installation for a customer in Nghe An.

Besides washing machine , laundry facilities reantal service, the One company also provides laundry chemicals, industrial cleaning chemicals, specialty chemicals for laundry equipment ...

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