How to use liquid laundry detergent and industrial laundry chemicals


In everyday life, fabric softener is no stranger to every home and how its use is sure everyone understand. However using fabric softener, cleaning chemicals properly and reasonably so that not everyone can do.

With years of experience in the distribution of industrial washing machines, laundry facilities and detergent chemicals used in industry laundry, we will guide you on the process used clothing fabric softener that guarantees the soft, save fragrance on clothes.

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Fabric softener VIC SOFT

Fabric softener products VIC SOFT in the laundry chemical series are used mainly for industrial washing dryingmachine, make fabric softener and create a comfortable fragrance to the end user and makes ironing easier than . This type of product suitable for all types of fabric and washing at all temperatures.

User guide liquid laundry detergent and industrial laundry chemicals

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Industrial laundry chemicals

For industrial laundry equipment using chemical pump

With these laundry service business using the industry washing machine build up pump chemical, we simply plug the pump into place and install the liquid laundry detergent and set up the quanlity of fabric softener equavalent to 5-10ml for 1 kg of dry clothes, dry products ... As for cleaning clothes with sensitive fabrics or require a more advanced cleaning mode, we can combine with some other industrial liquid  laundry detergents.

For industrial laundry equipment do not use chemical pump

How to perform a very simple, direct us to the fabric softener into the softener tray with quantitative 5-10ml for 1 kg of dry clothes. However, depending on the fabrics that we give more or less to soften fabrics.

Note that you do not use fabric softener directly on to clothes, doing this will cause stains clothing stain left after drying.

If you understand how to use properly will surely bring you the clothes soft as new. To clothes all day long scented, we together using this fabric softener in the laundry chemical products series!

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