Experience, plan to open industrial laundry factory


With you in order to open industrial laundry factory services simple or difficult? A lot of people think is easy to make money and opened too simple. But there going into learn deeply they said it simply with suppliers of industrial washing machines, laundry deterggent chemicals because they just buy products inside them,then they will  install but difficult for user on the step of capital, location ...

To invest in the laundry service field successfully, you need to learn thoroughly about factors such as laundry processes, chemicals, machinery and equipment accordingly, geographic location, what navigate customers are.

With years of experience in the distribution of industrial laundry equipment genuine we concluded that there were some very useful experience for organizations and individuals to invest in before trading laundry services to meet good application of the following requirements

1>Location to open laundry factory

2>Water resource


4>Laundry equipment

5>Worker (from technician to stand cleaning workers)

6>Development plan

7>Business plan

Listen to the essentials needed before opening the industrial laundry factory have discouraged many people right? But you rest assured, if the business has passion, the will to get rich, nothing is impossible. The One Viet Nam - distribution unit laundry facilities will make a reference process of open blueprint laundry shop. It helps you navigate the open laundries What stage is composed of and how to operate it.

Mô hình giặt công nghiệp tự động

The studio plans to open business

Good business to have a detailed business plan, which will list the services you offer are, for example, is slightly dry, wet cleaning, laundry or washing people's livelihood industry, and return of clothes washing only at home or workshop ...

Identify customers

You need to identify your target market who want to navigate to, subjects were students, farmers or apartment. Or you can go to learn and refer to the laundromat is another to see if they are focused on certain segments, from which I will give a quote or some more preferential services.

Suitable location

After you have identified your target audience, followed by the regional concentration of the object. Need a convenient place for transportation and factory area of ​​the reasonable. Either alternative is you can buy a laundromat is active but not enough personnel to operate to save a lot of time and money.

Buy laundry facilities

An important stage in the open laundry workshop equipment purchases, by buying equipment that depends on the audience you want to reach customers. If you find out something wrong, you have to spend money to buy equipment, sales proceeds less.

Laundry Service

Also equipped with a washer, dryer is equipped with a laundry basket or washing powder, detergent industry also indispensable. You can go online to find out information about laundry facilities, any kind of water saving, energy saving, time cleaning ...

Mô hình giặt khô là hơi phổ biến

Depending on the needs of customers that you can invest in more laundry to bring more profit.

Construction delivery processes

If you open the laundromat is small, the suture delivery also equally important. Another plus point for business compete with other laundry shop.

Promote laundry shop

For people to know their laundry shop more, you can use traditional advertising methods such as word of mouth through friends and family, print flyers advertising the public .. or network marketing online such as facebook, email marketing ...

You can refer to more details about the payment plan to open industrial laundries that The One was installed at Danang.
Mô hình xưởng giặt là công nghiệp ở Đà Nẵng
Mô hình xưởng giặt là công nghiệp ở Đà Nẵng
Mô hình xưởng giặt là công nghiệp ở Đà Nẵng
Mô hình xưởng giặt là công nghiệp ở Đà Nẵng
Mô hình xưởng giặt là công nghiệp ở Đà Nẵng
Mô hình xưởng giặt là công nghiệp ở Đà Nẵng
Mô hình xưởng giặt là công nghiệp ở Đà Nẵng

Industrial laundry model 3D

Mô hình xưởng giặt là công nghiệp ở Đà Nẵng

Cleaning industrial laundry model in Da Nang

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