The process of industrial polishing VINYL resin floor




- Tools machines, mop, cotton rabbit, wipes, flooring scrub pad, scrubber, water extraction, high-speed polishing machine

High gloss Floor Polish with less odour KOREA

Coating Process

Step 1: Clean the surface of the floor

Make sure that the Vinyl floor is thoroughly dry and clean  is very important in polishing. Clean floor surfaces, it looms as high efficiency, long durability and reliability.


- Pour Floor Polish chemicals to water ratio of 1:10 then entered scrubber, combined with floor cleaning pad, scrub the surface layer of dirt on the floor and glue old government
- Use a vacuum, sucking out the polluted water layer.
- Use a mop, wipe the floor with clean water and then dry naturally to the floor.

Requirements: Clean floor glue, dirt, paint from the surface.

Step 2: Polish

- Dilute polishing chemical E-WAX equivalent shadowed area
- Pour the chemical into the car juiced
- Use the chemical absorbent cotton and rabbit are coated onto the surface of the floor
- Wait for about 1 hour to dry the floor and 2nd chemical scan
- Resume chemical coated 3rd, 4th to achieve the most durable ball cover.
- Wait for the final layer is dry chemicals, used for high-speed polishing machine, combined floor maintenance chemicals, polished parquet floor surface toned, shiny.

Assessment criteria Floor:

- Coatings are glossy, no road markings, stains
- Chemicals are coated on both corners, wall
- Scratches are filled, no blisters.
- Do not leave stains on the surface of the new government


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