VIC KLEEN - laundry detergent solution optimized for industrial laundry


VIC KLEEN - laundry detergent solution optimized for industrial laundry

VIC KLEEN: Main laundry detergent optimum efficiency

Outstanding detergent properties of chemicals imported Malaysia - VIC KLEEN
- Packing: 20L / box convenience, easy to transport, saving cost on purchases
- Feature soluble in water, clean laundry stains quickly, without lingering chemicals on fabric after washing.
- Less foam, optimum cleaning efficiency, save water, washing time.
- Fresh citrus aroma, fragrant herbs gently, bring relaxed feeling when using the map.
- Mark out all stains, clean, bright white, do not fade, damaged fabric. Washed the blood stains, the stains with ingredients from proteins rope

+ For the detergent in the water :

- Most of these chemicals are washing powders, solubility lower, still lingering on the map detergents after cleaning.
- A lot of foam discharge often go rinse several times, costly, time consuming, due to damage cleaning cloth too long.
- Hard to wash stubborn stains, often washed by hand before putting into the washing machine, so extra effort and time.
- Packing small volume, lower costs, high chemical.

Industrial laundry detergent import genuine

Manual cleaning chemicals the VIC KLEEN

+ For industrial drying laundry, and do not use chemical pump:

For dirty laundry into the cage
VIC for cleaning water directly into the drum directly KLEEN, or for cleaning water in the canister of the washing machine. Quantitative use depends on the level of the map dirty. Dirty little: 5-10ml / kg dry cloth. More dirty: 10-20ml / kg dry cloth.
Temperature use: 20-80oC

+ For industrial drying laundry using chemical pumps

With these types of machines that use the chemical pumps our job much simpler, just plug the pump into place and installed water main cleaning in accordance with the above quantitative. For stubborn stains, customers need to use some other products to achieve optimum cleaning efficiency.

Vic-Kleen main laundry detergent


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