The feature advantages of industrial detergent chemicals at present


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Advantages of the Industrial laundry detergent compare normal laundry detergent
  • Economic times market, competition price is an indispensable of businesses participating in the market, but it is not a prerequisite in the business strategy of the current management.
  • Forefront of sustainable competitive strategy, long in the marketplace that is competitive in quality cargo services.
Our company always take quality of service to customers is bringing guideline for its business activities. In today's article we would like to give some comparative advantages of the use of Vietnamese industrial laundry chemicals than the use of conventional chemicals. Ministry full laundry chemicals for each stage, with all kinds of washing machines are circulating in the market.

- For the liquid laundry detergent: clean laundry, stains flying quickly. Do not damage cloth, not fade cloth often. Chemicals generated little foam during washing, cleaning saves water and discharge quickly.

- For fabric softener: Commonly added to the final discharge water during the wash cycle. Fabric softener high efficiency, help is always soft cloth, such as cloth new fragrance, gentle herbal flavor to the user feel comfortable when dressed as when using laundry products. Besides, it also enables the board to be fast, easy, suitable for all kinds of cleaning cloth and all temperatures.

- For industrial bleach powder: With high bleaching chemicals containing oxygen radicals, radicals chlorine bleach is effective help quickly, saving dislodge the stubborn stains such as blood, sap , food, oil and grease. There are specialized products for colored and white cotton cloth.

Industrial liquid laundry detergent Korea

- For chemical neutralization, alkaline liquid detergent: Enhanced centralized substances in the water used for laundry, laundry enhance optimal efficiency. For chemical degreasing: Suitable for use in the kitchen, laundry, restaurants, hotels, industrial parks and mechanical engineering. 

- For fragance essential oils: help save the scent on the clothes longer, bring relaxed feeling to the user.

- For Dry Solvent Chemical : Dry Cleaning Solvents suitable for materials such as velvet cleaning, leather, felt, wool, feathers. Effective cleaning is fast, keep the standard as the original form, without altering the cloth, then wash with water as normal.

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