Repair of industrial washing machine, dry cleaning machine


You have a laundry workshop with the number of industrial washers is large but you do not have a professional technicians repair when problems occour? What you need to do is find companies specializing in maintenance, repair machines to help you check periodically.

Cause in parallel with washer equipment  investment in service industrial laundry service, the maintenance and repair of laundry equipment is a job not to be missed for businesses / individuals laundry shop's opening.

Machines as well as human also need time to rest. Therefore the maintenance of industrial washing machines, laundry facilities regular routine will bring many benefits

- Increased life of the machine

- Avoid unnecessary damage

- The machine will operate more stable

- Reduce the costs incurred when operations are affected.

Dịch vụ sửa chữa thiết bị giặt công nghiệp

Cleantech industrial laundry equipment repair Staff

These some troubleshootings frequent  of industrial laundry equipment

- Washing machine was broken the PCB, make noise during operation

- During use, the machine has noise, vibration

- The device is not out of steam, low temperature

- Industrial washing machines not extract, do not spin, do not exhaust

- Water does not enter washer or industrial machines spilled water

The One Viet Nam with many years in the field to provide laundry equipment, industrial laundry chemical has a team of experienced technical repair laundry equipment. So if you have problems such as machines can not operate, during machine operation shaking, washing machine does not exhaust ... Please contact technical team of our company . As soon as you call, the company will appoint a person to the site to check the status of damage equipment and will find the solutions as soon as possible.

The partners used the repair service laundry facilities, such as hospitals, schools, residential, resort ... are satisfied with the company working way.

You need to repair equipment Contact Hotline 0904.563.963 all problems will be solved dedicated caring.