Bleaching chemical VIC CLOR II


Bleaching chemical VIC CLOR II

In the current industrial laundry, bleaching chemicals is one of the indispensable ingredients in laundry process to bring new clean white as clothing, textiles after washing. With Series line of products VIC - laundry chemicals industry brand Meckein production by Malaysia, VIC chlorine bleaching chemicals II is currently the number 1 choice for performance in industrial bleaching laundry fabric not only in the Malaysian market but also in many countries around the world including Vietnam market.

Bleaching Detergent Vic Clor II

Technical standards:

pH (1% solution): 9.5 ~ 10.5
Smell: The smell of chlorine
Solubility: Dissolves completely in waterAppearance: fine white powder
Packing: 18kg / barrelImports from Malaysia genuine | distributed by


Every stain removers, stains on clothes, clothing.Antiseptic disinfectant, limiting the growth of the bacteria, the bacteria on the fabric.Using many of the bleaching clothes, fabrics for restaurants, hotels, hospitals, industrial parks and high-tech manufacturing ...Often using bleach for white fabrics, or fabric fading, suitable for all fabrics except up, labor, the stone, felt. However you decide to use for color fabrics or not, you should check the small test before you put bleach.

Bleaching detergent Vic Clor II


For colored fabrics:
5 ml powder mixed with 240ml VIC CLOR II  in hot water, a few drops onto the fabric hidden spot, wait a minute, if the test seat fabric from fading colors or patches  VIC CLOR II are used for that color fabric.

For conventional bleaching, do not use chemical pumps: For dirty laundry into the cage, the chlorine VIC CLOR II powder box of laundry detergent container. you can put into the washing with water, no VIC CLOR II  powder poured directly onto clothing fabrics II. The dose used depends on how dirty the clothes.
Dirty little: 1-4g / kg dry fabric
More dirty: 4-8G / kg dry fabric

For drying laundry using chemical pumps:
You can mix available chlorine powder VIC CLOR II similar dosage on the rate case chemical 1g / 100ml water. Then put in the tray containing cleaning solution of chemical pumps ,, dose adjustment corresponding to the amount of laundry.

Bleaching Detergent Vic Clor II


This is chemical cleaners feature powerful, easy to use more heavily damaged cloth, breaking the original structure of the fabric, the fabric prone podium, tearing during use.
Therefore, we recommend that customers should not use regular bleaching chemicals chlorine VIC CLOR II

For restaurants and hotels, resorts, when conducted with white laundry detergent, you should use the VIC CLOR II chlorine bleaching chemicals II once / week.
For industrial laundry shops: limited use chlorine bleach VIC CLOR II to avoid damage to the fabric in the laundry process, you can refer to other similar products , VIC OXEEN VIC OXY featuring similar cleansing but safer for fabrics.