Laundry service for industrial garments in Ha Noi


Laundry service for industrial garments in Ha Noi

The industry garment is one of the industry development and long term in Vietnam in general and in particular Hanoi areas. In the field of garment, garment processing, handling cloth before sewing is one of the most important stage. To ensure product quality, before tailoring the cloth roll must be handled carefully. How to cloth no color fading, no shrink, wrinkle after sewing technology required to meet cleaning and treatment processes accordingly.

Laundry service for industrial garments in Ha Noi

In fact, the largest garment enterprises are investing in private laundries treat, but this fact does not bring greater economic efficiency. To invest a scale laundries Industry will need to invest huge expense, from equipping machines, experienced workers, sewage treatment technology to ensure the environment ... This is not the cause waste, but also caused the dispersion of resources now, do not focus on their main task is garment.

Garment laundry service

Derived from the demand for laundry garment factories processing, large industrial combines experience and technology in the field of laundry, The One Viet Nam pleased to provide cloth cleaning and laundry services for business products apparel industry, garment processing factory in Hanoi and surrounding areas.

Product quality after our laundry is a combination of dozens of kinds of industrial laundry equipment modernization, along with chemical products and industrial laundry with imported high quality technician team experience in handling fabric. We are committed to meet all requirements from customers.
Come with us to share the work and profit maximization.

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