Clean types of mattress and cushions in Ha Noi


Professional clean types of mattress and cushions in Ha Noi

Currently on the market there are many types of mattresses, made from different materials, with different textures. The wedge cleaning, mattress seemed simple but difficult and take more time and effort than you may think.

We specialize in providing laundry services mattresses, cushions, carpet cleaning service, sofa, industrial laundry services with a commitment to ensuring our customers the best service and the most satisfied, with the motto "Clean - Light - Luxury " will ensure customer satisfaction.

Giặt nệm đúng cách

The One Vietnam with workers, skilled technicians, professional and fast and you will not need to worry about long construction time, affect your progress. Because We always put the customer's time on top.

As an industrial cleaning company for years, we have the experience and methods of cleaning, hygiene and cushions, according to the most optimal processes. Gives customers a sense of satisfaction when using our services.

Before implementing clean mattress at home, we need to classify them. Depending on the material for mattresses that MATTRESS WASHING SERVICES - THE ONE VIETNAM select cleaning methods with devices, various instruments.

Quy trình giặt nệm

Latex mattress material mattress Kymdan natural latex mattresses help support the spine of the user in all positions in the bed. Latex mattresses structured to include the square hole in the mattress base while the mattress surface is the small round holes are evenly distributed, wide surface helps to increase the effect of the ventilation through enhanced contact area .

 >> With this material absolutely not wash.

Pressed cotton mattress foam or springs: cotton mattress core is laminated with polyester fibers are pressed into blocks and create insulating elastic very thap.Chinh so no floating mattress and lay on the mattress when the remains are such a plane preserved skeleton without bucket, so crooked mattress not cause back pain for the lie.

>> Can you complete peace of mind because with this material completely washable. Due to thick mattress and waterproof so you can not self-cleaning and drying laundry in the usual way as blankets that have used industrial machinery to suck all the water on the surface soaked mattresses and mattress dry.

giặt nệm, đệm giá rẻ tại Hà Nội

Mattress cleaning process:

- Survey view mattress that customers are using.
- Use a vacuum cleaner 2400W suction surface of the mattress outside.
- Spraying chemicals make up mattress stains knocked out of the mattress.
- Use the machine, carefully hit the dirt on the surface (for mattress springs).
- Continuing to use the vacuum, suck on the mattress again and again to the dirt is no longer deposited on the surface of the mattress again.
- Wait about 3-5pm is reusable mattress.

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