Detergent for boiling dishes Pan Cleaner Ace

Detergent for boiling dishes PAN CLEANER ACE, chemical for cleaning surface, cleaning agent for boiling dishes with best quality made in Korea

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Detergent for boiling dishes Pan Cleanẻ Ace
Detergent for boiling dishes PAN CLEANER ACE

Packages : 18.75 L (5 gallon)

Applications : To remove chewing gum, sticker, Solar Window films and glue from surfaces.

Detergent for boiling dishes Pan Cleaner Ace

Features :

Versatile application as it may be used for kitchen wares, food trays,stainless steel containers and tiled walls
Powerfully removes old grease
Maintains a long-lasting luster of surfaces
Protects metal surfaces

Method of Use :

1. For general cleaning

A. Use undiluted to clean soiled surfaces. B. Rinse 
thoroughly with water.

2. For use as a pre-soak

A. Dilute with warm water at 5:1 B. Soak the soiled wares for approximately 1~2 hours. C. Gently agitate the surface using a scrubbing tool D. Rinse thoroughly either manually or using a dish washer

3. To remove old grease on food trays

A. Dilute Pan Cleaner Ace with water at 1:10 B. Pour the diluted into a stainless steel steam pot. C. Boil the food tray for approx 20 minutes. D. Leave tray another 10 minutes. E. Remove food trays and soak in cold or warm water (approx 40°c). F. Clean using a scrubber G. Rinse thoroughly either in a dish washer or manually

>> ** Note : Ensure that the food trays are not allowed to dry when they are removed from the steam pot prior to soaking in cold water.